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Behavior Training

Behavior Modification comes in many forms, you will find that many trainers are not equipped, or do not have the knowledge to deal with many of the problems that people are in need of assistance with.

I take behavior modification very seriously, and only works with those families willing to put the time, energy and resources into modifying the problem behavior.


I do not charge additional fee's for behavior modification, you are paying for my time regardless of the training needed.

When you choose to work with me, we will meet for an initial consult in your home.  This will generally take an hour and a half, but may go longer. 

In our initial consult we look at the WHOLE dog.  In addition to the specific problems at hand, you can expect to talk about:


  • Diet (yes, this can impact behavior)

  • Feeding Details & Schedule

  • Sleeping Arrangements

  • Use of Crate (if needed)

  • Essential Oils for Training Support**

  • Basic Management of Problems

  • Game Plan for Moving Forward to Modify the Problem(s) at Hand


Generally it is recommended to schedule appointments weekly, or bi-weekly for the best results.  All appointments following the initial consult are kept to one hour, unless scheduled otherwise in advance. 


If you re ready to get started, visit our Private / Behavior Training page for your next steps. 

**I have found that with the use of the right Essential Oils, behavior training is expedited.  At this time I no longer see major behavior cases that will not consider the use of EO's as a training tool.  The use of a diffuser may be necessary and you may need to purchase one to move forward in training.  If this is the case, I will recommend one that is best for what you need.  If you are not already using doTERRA Essential Oils, you will have the opportunity to purchase these from me at retail or wholesale prices.  I specialize in the use of EO's with pets and will educate you in this area.  If you would like to get a jump start to learn more about EO use watch the video below and visit our Essential Oils tab at the top of the page.
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