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The Power of Adaptiv

I am sitting here scrambling to come up with today’s Training Tuesday topic, all due to our long weekend trip to Big Bear. I was so busy packing and prepping to get out of town, that I completely failed to get my blog post in line before we left…so here we are!

I was just sitting here reflecting on all the fun (and challenges) we had over the weekend and it dawned on me that I tried yet another oil combo on Savvy to help prevent her from getting car sick.

We have struggled with her car tummy troubles since the day we drove with her to the airport in Italy. Here we were in the back seat of a small Fiat, bags packed all around us, and Savvy on my lap throwing up. It was a sight to see.

Fast forward, this poor girl sees a car and she turns green. So as a good mama should, I have been working on finding the right combo to help her when we travel.

Of course, COVID put a damper on that, but now we are hitting the road again for some family fun (dog shows hopefully in the near future…fingers crossed!).

I am happy to report that we made the 310-mile round trip without any throwing up. For this trip, she was seat belted in, sitting on the floor of our RV in a dog bed (lined with towels). It will be interesting to see if this oil combo works as well when she is in a crated. Having my Impact Crates installed in the RV is on the list of things to do around here!

So, what did I use……

I applied the Adaptiv roller to my hands, rubbed them together, then pet down her spine and rear pads. I also used Copaiba the same way, with the addition of rubbing her tummy.

I had planned on also using DigestZen, but for the life of me could not find the bottle. This is crazy since it is sitting right here on my desk (insert eye roll and facepalm).

The good news is, the combo above worked great and we had success!

If you have an up-chucky puppy, I recommend testing out this combo. Remember to always apply your oils at least 15-20 minutes prior to travel, this allows the oils to work their magic before you hit the road. Also, proper acclimation to scent is important. If you don’t acclimate first, you run the risk of a negative association of the smell tied to the car, which is another mess you don’t want to deal with….trust me on that one!

Until next week!!

Ciao ~ Bree

Ps. Want to see my two cents about the different types of crates out there? Check out this blog post!

PLUS...if you are an Academy member, log into your account and check out my detailed breakdown about Car Safety, located in the Wellness Section.



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