Training Tuesday Blog

October 30, 2018

Tomorrow is the BIG day.... even BIGGER if you have littles in your home!!  Just imagine what your dog will think of all the crazy makeup, scary masks, and odd clothing. 

Before I get started, I have to mention (squirrel) that I have been working hard on a whole ne...

October 9, 2018


I have been seeing an increased number of dogs with reactivity issues of of late, and most of these problems stem from fear.  Now we could argue what the cause of that fear is, and yes, there are many reasons out there.  I am going to share the most c...

July 24, 2018


Today I want to talk about introducing EO's to your dogs. I am blessed to have a thriving online business helping people and their pets, but what is even more fun is when I get to meet with them in person!

First a little back story that prompted my sha...

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