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Happy Thanksgiving

Today we give thanks for all our friends and family. We are blessed to have those in our lives that make a difference, work that we love to do, children that we cherish every moment .

Hitting the Colorado River via Canoe

On this day I have so much to be thankful, friends, my critters. We just came back from our 4th annual canoe trip down the Colorado River. The trip itself was 4 days and 68 miles from put in, to take out. However with our "awesome" paddling skills, I am sure the trip was closer to 100 miles. lol We are blessed to have an amazing Boy Scout Troop to volunteer our time with, both my husband and I have active roles. I am the Committee Chair and my husband is our Equipement Chair (thank goodness, someone has to keep all our gear in working nice to have a handy hubby!) Our trip consisted of 26 members of our troop, we enlisted the help of my parents and their friends to

Some Gave All.....

It is always a honor and priviledge to help and support our military. Our Boy Scout Troop is blessed to part of the Pearl Harbor Survivors San Diego Chapter. This gives our boys the honor of helping them in parades and other festive activities. Yesterday we spent our morning participating in the Veterans Day Parade, I am very proud of all of "my" boys. Sadly my oldest son is feeling under the weather, he is taking the Protectant Blend Capsules two at a time, three times per day. He is already feeling better (thank goodness) as we are getting ready for our annual canoe trip down the Colorado River....68 miles this trek. That is another post to come....back to the parade....enjoy some pi

Jumping into the World of Blogging

It has been a long time coming, but here it first official Blog Post. I have to admit it is kinda scary and fun at the same time. On one hand there is so much I want to share, but then that is the scary part isn't it. As the mom of two teenage boys, running two businesses and home schooling, there is never a dull moment around here. We will see how this "blogging" thing goes. ;)

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